Mary Kay is About Joy

When Mary Kay Ash started her company she wanted to build a company that would be for women. She wanted to make women’s lives better. Her mission has always been to enrich women’s lives and in doing so bringing them so much joy. Joy Goals is all about making goals to do things that bring joy to my life. One of the joy’s in my life is bringing joy to others through Mary Kay.

Let me tell you what it IS that I do with Mary Kay. Mary Kay is not about selling products. Mary Kay is not about making money. Mary Kay is about making women feel good, pampering them, giving them an opportunity, and building their confidence. It’s basically the best self help class you could ever take. Every week there is a meeting with free training and encouragement from our leaders. We are rewarded for everything we do because it makes us feel good to be appreciated. This company is about mentoring, personal growth, and opportunity. So much opportunity!

MK joy

I joined this company because of the people. They picked me up out of a deep, dark hole, brushed me off, stood me up straight, and held my hand until I could walk on my own again. Never once did I feel small, unnoticed, undervalued, or unappreciated. I’ve worked in the same school district for 5 years and just earned my first service pin. I’ve been in Mary Kay for 4 months and I have earned 2 pins, 4 bracelets, hundreds of dollars in free products, and one really awesome desk. I don’t even have a desk in my classroom, but I got one for free from Mary Kay just for doing what I love.

But Mary Kay is not only about bringing joy to us, the consultants, it is about bringing joy to our customers. I have shared this business with a friend who needed money to pay off a debt. I have been able to pamper stay at home moms who never get time to take care of themselves or even leave their houses. I’ve changed diapers, fed bottles, and held fussy babies while pampering these women. I’ve been able to pamper a friend who lost a child. Being able to bring joy to someone who recently experienced so much sorrow was something I will forever cherish.


That is what my business is about. It is about enriching women’s lives by pampering them, giving them girl time, making them feel good on the outside and the inside. It’s about giving them the opportunity to pay off debt, the opportunity to work from home and spend more time with their children. It’s about building their confidence, making them feel appreciated, showing them they are valued, and most of all about building a relationship, a friendship with them.


Think about this: do you want to keep going to the drugstore to buy your makeup and skin care OR do you want someone to come to your house, let you try everything your heart desires, tell you how fabulous you are, become your friend, and then sell you the products you absolutely love? Do you want to buy that drugstore makeup only to find out you wasted your money on a shade that you don’t like OR do you want to buy a product that you can return if you don’t like it and then get the product you do want delivered to your doorstep? How awesome is it that with Mary Kay the products COME TO YOU?! Even better, we call you to ask what you need before you need it. I bet that brings you some joy.

This company is about bringing Joy to women in any way possible. And we all know that if the woman is happy, then everyone else around her is happy too. So really Mary Kay brings joy to everyone 😉

Joy Goal accomplished!

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