Really Big Joy Goals

Right now my Mary Kay unit is working on a really big goal. We want to ‘Make a Scene at Seminar’. To most people it doesn’t mean anything, but to us it means everything! In the Mary Kay world we track our progress during each Seminar year and at the end of that Seminar year we have a conference and celebrate our successes. The Seminar year ends in June, so right now we are in the home stretch. Our goals are so close we can taste them!

When I say we want to Make a Scene at Seminar, I mean that we want to walk across the stage at the seminar conference and show God and everyone that our unit is doing BIG things and achieved HUGE success through reaching our goals. We all want to promote ourselves to a higher position in Mary Kay. I want to become a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director and so do the rest of the women in my unit. We are each setting goals for ourselves and reaching them by speaking to women and encouraging them to join us in our journey to making our dreams come true. For me Directorship is more than a promotion, a title, or a pay raise. It is ME reaching MY JOY GOAL.

My Joy Goal has always been my family and spending more quality time with them. As a teacher I was missing out on SO much time with my kids and my husband. But as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I have been able to plan my appointments around my family time and fit it in to my life where it works for ME. As a Mary Kay Sales Director, I will be able to continue fitting my work around my life AND be able to mentor women in my unit to make the same happen for them. I will also financially be able to to so much more WITH and FOR my kids. I want to travel with my family and that has never been a possibility until I started with Mary Kay.

As a teacher I could never win a prize. I could never EARN jewelry and trips. I could never say “I’m not working today because my son has baseball practice and my daughter needs some extra snuggles.” I could never work towards earning a free car or desk. A desk you say? Yes, a DESK! In Mary Kay we earn prizes based on our sales and this quarter my goal is a beautiful navy blue and gold desk. I want the desk as my hub for my Mary Kay business, but more than that I want the desk because WHEN I earn the desk I know I will have achieved something HUGE that I set my mind on. It’s about what the desk MEANS and not what it is.

MK Desk

So, how can I promote myself to Directorship and reach my Joy Goal? All I need is 8 people to join me, as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Just 8 people to say, “Hey, I want to work for myself and be mentored by strong, successful, and kind women. I want to be part of a company that BUILDS UP women, that SUPPORTS women, that NURTURES women, that CHANGES THE LIVES of women, that makes MY DREAMS COME TRUE.” I need to find 8 women to start this journey with me and then by June I need to have 24 women on my team so I can walk across the stage at Seminar as a brand new Sales Director.

This isn’t just about me and my dreams though. It is about the 20+ other women in my unit who want that same promotion. We all want to walk across that stage TOGETHER and we want to help our leader, our Director, promote to a NATIONAL Sales Director. We want to walk across that stage and make a SCENE as a new National Area in Mary Kay. We can’t do it alone, but we can do it together.

MK Opportunity



Mary Kay’s mission has always been to enrich the lives of women. She created this company so that ANY woman can work for ANY promotion they want. So that ALL women in the company are mentored and ALL women in the company are VALUED. I’ve got to say, I have worked in a career dominated by women, but I have never been offered a mentor. I have never gotten a call from a higher up in the company telling me I am doing a good job, encouraging me to work for more, and guiding me in how to do it. At Mary Kay I get a weekly round of applause for each and EVERY one of my accomplishments that week. I get called out by name and praised for my hard work. I may be an independent business owner, but I have never felt like more of a team then I do with Mary Kay.

I don’t know what more I can say about this company, this unit, these women. But I do want to say this…. “WHO WANTS TO JOIN ME?” Email me at

Let’s accomplish our Joy Goals together.

Learn more about Mary Kay by visiting HERE

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