The Joy of Mary Kay

Let me tell you about what Mary Kay has done to bring joy to my life. Actually, let me tell you everything it has brought to my life! Back in November a friend invited me over for a Mary Kay skin care party. I went because I wanted some adult time out of the house, not because I wanted to try Mary Kay. My aunt sold Mary Kay when I was in high school and I knew the products were great, but I didn’t think I could afford them. (Spoiler alert! They were not as expensive as I thought!)

The skin care party was a lot of fun and all the products were phenomenal, but at the end of the party the consultant asked me to list any friends I would like to gift with a free facial…. and I didn’t have any to list. Most of my friends are work friends, but we rarely socialize outside of work. In fact I only have 2 REAL friends that I see outside of work and I met both of them in the last year. Don’t get me wrong, I know people and I try to make friends, but in my experience people in their 30s usually have a good group of friends and they never really had room to add me in. I’ve lived in Texas for 9 years and while I know many lovely people that I consider friends, not many of them treat me like a friend. 

This was defeating for me, having to face the reality that I couldn’t host a fun skin care party because I had no one to invite. I try to invite people over for get togethers, play dates, parties, game nights, but I am more frequently faced with no than yes. Over the last year I had stopped invite people to do things with me or my kids because I was tired of always being turned down. I took every no personally, even when I shouldn’t. So I left the paper blank and I told her I had no one to list because I didn’t have any friends. Amber told me, “If you don’t have anyone to invite, then you need Mary Kay.”  At the time I didn’t know what she meant and I didn’t know how right she was.

A few weeks later the consultant, Amber, contacted me and invited me to her Mary Kay Christmas party. Since the last time I had spent time with adult women was at the skin care class 3 weeks before, I of course said yes. That was the beginning of me finding joy in Mary Kay, the beginning or me learning to trust people again, and the beginning of me gaining my confidence back.

Amber brought me a gift for joining her at the party, picked me up to drive me, and excitedly introduced me to everyone there. Every person there was so excited to meet me! These women were so warm, inviting, godly, and supportive that I wanted them all to be my new best friends. I left the party feeling good about myself and good about my potential new friend. On the way home Amber asked me a lot about myself. I told her that I had hopes to stay home with my kids next school year and that I was looking for ways to make a little extra money so I could.

Amber never pressured me, she just talked to me. The more she asked me, the more I asked her about what she did, and the more I thought her job sounded too good to be true. I had tried sales like this before, but it never worked out for me because I didn’t know a lot of people. Amber assured me that it didn’t matter, and I could do this. I began to think this could be a fun way to meet new women and make enough extra money to stay home. So with the encouragement of Amber and her unit director, I jumped in feet first.


Once I signed up, Amber came over and taught me about all the products, she checked on me frequently to see how I was doing, and she always praised me for anything I did for my business, big or small. Our unit director would call me, also and give me encouraging words. These women built me up. When I made my first round of calls to my friends and got “no thanks” or “not interested”, I wanted to quit, but Amber was right there to give me a pep talk and remind me that I COULD do this.

Once I started using all my new Mary Kay products, I started to look better and feel better. Not a day went by that someone didn’t compliment me on how good I looked. That was something I really needed. For so long I felt invisible and worthless to others, but suddenly I felt like people noticed me, like they were interested in me. I still have plenty of people tell me they don’t want a free facial, but I also have people eager to help me reach my goal of 30 facials. I may not get to my goal by the end of the month, but I never stopped trying, so I feel good about that. I’m more self-disciplined because of this company and the training I have received. I set goals for myself and work for them. The work is joyful and accomplishing my goals is even more joyful.

This is my first month with Mary Kay and I already earned a bracelet, had a $300 week, was crowned queen of booking, and queen of sharing. I even have somebody ready to join my team! This company is about building confidence in women, it’s about given women the opportunity to make something for themselves, and it’s about treating people the way you want to be treated. I want to feel like I am important to other people, so my goal is to make my clients feel important to me, because they ARE important to me. I am building a business for myself, for my family, and for my future. This company helped me do that. Every week I go to my meetings and get training that I USE. I get to build my confidence by making other women feel good about themselves. That makes me so joyful! I feel good about myself and that makes me a better woman, wife, mother, friend, teacher, and Christian. Being able to work for a company I am proud to be a part of is a pretty good feeling.

Joy goal accomplished!


My beautiful new bracelet! I feel like they picked this months word just for me!!

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